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Call Center

Benistar Retiree Service Center
10 Tower Lane, Suite 100
Avon, CT. 06001

What is the Role of the Call Center and Plan Administator?

Benistar is the Plan Administrator and manages the Call Center for the Trust.   Their toll free number is 1-800-236-4782.  If you choose to enroll, all enrollment forms should be returned to Benistar at the address provided below.  When you are initially enrolling in the plans, it is not necessary to include a payment.  You will be invoiced after your enrollment has been processed.  For the Medicare Advantage PPO,  Medicare Prescription Drug, and the Supplemental plans, you will be billed after your enrollment is approved by Medicare; or in the case of the Supplemental plans, your Medicare eligibility is verified.

  • Primary Point of contact for Retirees

  • Support enrollment and eligibility questions with a customized call center number for members

  • Responsible for maintaining member eligibility and sending enrollment information to all carriers

  • Assist participants with the completion of the required enrollment forms

  • Coordinate subsidy payments (if applicable) with participants in conjunction with premium payments

  • Invoice and receive payments from participants for premiums; remit premium payments to insurance carriers

Mailing Address for payments Benistar:
Benistar Retiree Service Center
10 Tower Lane, Suite 100
Avon, CT. 06001

Fax Enrollment Forms:


Monday -  Friday     8:30 am - 4:30 pm EST

(Excluding Holidays).

Call Center

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